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The ProfileXT® is a multi-purpose, “Total Person” employee assessment used for selection, development, training, managing, and succession planning.
This employee assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization, and the results can be used during the pre-employment training or succession planning stages. The ProfileXT® is also customizable, and peak job performance models can be developed by company, position, manager or geography



The ProfileXT® is used as a pre-hire tool to find the best matched candidate for a particular job. It is also used to develop job descriptions and job performance models. ProfileXT® reports help your manager interview and select people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role, and provide practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.


20 Performance Indicators
Thinking and Reasoning
Behavioral Traits
Aptitude Test



Providing The ProfileXT® employee personality assessment system. Online employment personality testing  for employee screening, employee 360 degree feedback evaluations and career exploration assessments to predict psychological traits, job skills and performance.  Also offering Sales Ability, Customer Service,Pre-Employment Business Attitude Screening and Employee Background Check services.

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